Why Cardinal Trading

Whilst the management of money on a day-to-day basis in terms of paying bills or servicing a mortgage does not present the majority of people with any difficulty, when it comes to accumulating and preserving capital for the long-term, many make the kind of fundamental .....



Today's investment market is barely recognizable when measured against that of only a decade ago. A seemingly unending array of new methods by which markets can be accessed; innumerable products and countless asset classes characterize an investment backdrop that often serves .....


about us

Our Team

Cardinal Trading is highly respected for its commitment to providing exceptional investment counseling services to international clients.

We have been enabling individuals to take control of their investments and finances since 2006 and our team of Personal Investment Advisers, together with the dedicated client administration personnel that support them, adhere to the stringent standards as set down by financial regulators and industry bodies.

Our desire to remain independent means that we labor under no obligation to any one financial institution or investment product provider. This cherished independent status means that we are at liberty to select only the products and make the recommendations that are most likely to culminate in the realization of your investment goals.


Cardinal Trading operates within the boundaries of the rules and regulations laid down by financial industry regulators. Cardinal Trading will never knowingly undertake any investment on your behalf that results in harmful effects on the environment or on individuals.

Cardinal Trading supports a number of initiatives in socially-deprived urban and rural areas around the world with the aim of furthering the reduction of illiteracy, poverty and homelessness.


To us, service means making the effort to understand what really matters to our clients. By being on hand to help and offer guidance, protecting their investments and maintaining regular contact, Cardinal Trading ensures that our service levels are peerless. We believe in providing our clients with a clear and transparent process – from the first consultation to the last review!


We recognize the desire for clients to feel secure in the knowledge that their current and future financial affairs are being handled by a firm they can trust. Cardinal Trading is well established, reliable and our advisers have years of investment planning experience at the highest level.

Our client roster includes professionals from every walk of life, company directors and affluent individuals/families that have come to trust our expertise and diligence.

To be considered at Cardinal Trading, advisers and analysts submit to a rigorous selection process in which we look for excellent communication skills, honesty, determination, dependability and integrity.