About Us

We have been enabling individuals to take control of their investments and finances since 2006 and our team of Personal Investment Advisers, together with the dedicated client administration personnel that support them, adhere to the stringent standards .....


Why Cardinal Trading

Whilst the management of money on a day-to-day basis in terms of paying bills or servicing a mortgage does not present the majority of people with any difficulty, when it comes to accumulating and preserving capital for the long-term, many make the kind of fundamental .....


Investing with Cardinal Trading

Today's investment market is barely recognizable when measured against that of only a decade ago. A seemingly unending array of new methods by which markets can be accessed; innumerable products and countless asset classes characterize an investment backdrop that often serves to baffle all but the most financially knowledgeable.

Nevertheless, Cardinal Trading is well-placed to help our clients make sense of the often perplexing level of choice.

Thanks to our independent status, we can provide clients with access to stocks traded on most bourses around the world. Cardinal Trading can help clients to invest in hard assets like commodities - either through mutual funds or, in the case of precious metals, via physical holdings.

We can help you navigate through the world of government and corporate bonds and, for those with a more sophisticated grasp of markets and their machinations, we can even offer subscription-based access to our analysts' trading reports which reveal how to take advantage of the short-term movements in equity and foreign exchange markets.

By virtue of the extent of our influence and the high regard in which we are held within our industry, Cardinal Trading are regularly contacted by larger organizations including investment banks and broker/dealers engaged to underwriting initial public offerings (IPOs) for private companies. Often, we will be offered stock at significant discounts to the eventual market offer price which we subsequently pass on to our clientele after conducting our painstaking due diligence.

Short-term Trading

Those with a higher or more aggressive risk tolerance and a desire to take advantage of the potential for higher profits by exploiting shorter-term volatility in stock prices, Cardinal Trading's Trader's Almanac helps clients make smart decisions by making sure they have access to the information and analysis they need.

We offer access to the same research and analysis tools that form the basis for our success in both bull and bear markets. Our highly-skilled analysts bring years of experience within equity market trading operations to bear upon today's volatile markets.

In line with our commitment to quality over quantity, fewer than 50 stocks make our "buy/sell with conviction" listings in any 12 month period but each one is identified through rigorous and painstaking analysis and research. They are all characterized by Cardinal Trading's essential attributes.

  • "Future proof" market sectors that stand to flourish in the post-recession global economy
  • Strong balance sheets
  • Little or no exposure to debt
  • Lean management structures

Only once these criteria have been met are the buy recommendations disseminated to subscribers who, using Cardinal Trading's trading facilities or their own platforms, acquire the stocks and wait to book profits.

As you'd expect, we provide a full explanation detailing our reasons for confidence in the stock including summations of the company's operating history and the future of its industry as well as technical analysis of the price action of its stock price.

We provide updates on the holdings and, when we believe the time is right, we instruct you to sell the stock(s) and book profits.